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Turn to and Turn out Which the diference betwin (Turn to and Turn out)?
29 de Jan de 2014 às 21:33
Answers · 3
"Turn to" usually means to turn your body and face a different direction (this could be "turn to your left", "I turned to my brother"). "Turn out" can mean "show up" (300 people turned out for the concert), "turn off" (He turned out the lights), "to produce" (The factory turns out thousands of cars every day), or "end up" (I hope the game turns out well for our team).
29 de Janeiro de 2014
"Turn to" means that you turn to somebody(asking help for example). I turned to Mike to ask him about schedule. "Turn to" also means - change direction. Turn to North, for example. "Turn out" means that you transforming to something or showing your hided outlines. Another meaning - to shut down something. Examples: Turn out your pockets, show me what inside! I turned to reception(to ask something).
29 de Janeiro de 2014
this reminds me of the old hippie saying "Tune in, turn on, and drop out" !
29 de Janeiro de 2014
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