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What's the difference ? Hi fellows, the other day I was watching "House of cards" and I heard a phrase: I don't do waiting Is the same "I don't wait" or what's the difference ? Thanks
30 de Jan de 2014 às 00:54
Answers · 2
Essentially - yes. It is slangish, and is probably meant to convey an arrogance or self-importance.
30 de Janeiro de 2014
The expression is " I don't do __________" It means the person won't do it or doesn't like it. In your example the person does not like to wait. It is similar to "I don't wait" Other examples: I don't do coffee. ( I won't drink coffee) (I don't like coffee) She doesn't do windows. ( She doesn't clean windows) We don't do purple. (We won't wear purple) (We don't like purple)
30 de Janeiro de 2014
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