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أتشرف or عندي شرف ? If I was being very polite and responding to a question, which is the more correct was of saying, "I have the honor?" Example- "تتكلم العربي?" "أتشرف."
Jan 30, 2014 9:29 PM
Answers · 2
You can use both but it depends on the context and the tense also, and by the way, as Hasan Mohor said it, it's "لي الشرف " instead of " عندي الشرف " and we use more " تشرفت " (= past tense) than "أتشرف " (= present) For example : لي الشرف ان اقدم لكم صديقي = I'm honoured to introduce you my friend تشرفت بمعرفتك = I'm honoured to meet you Hope it helps
January 30, 2014
"I have the honor?" = لي الشرف .... also أتشرف
January 30, 2014
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