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Can I say : He works in business ? Or do I need to say he works in the business field/sector..etc? Thank you :)Macmillan * used*
31 янв. 2014 г., 12:16
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Like Ezra, who has already answered, I wouldn't say he works in business. I would specify which area. For a general remark I would say, He's a businessman." Or maybe, "He's in business," but that has another meaning so could be confusing. The other meaning is this.. supposing my friend and I are having problems getting the car started... and eventually we succeed! Vrroooom! The engine starts! I might smile and say, "Hey! We're in business! Let's go!" It means to succeed/solve a problem/to be able to proceed/get going... that sort of thing. But really it's not confusing as the context will tell you if he's a businessman or he's got the car going!
31 января 2014 г.
I would say that he is a business man. If you want to be specific, you can say "He works in retail" or "he works in marketing" or whatever. If you want to be general, just say he is a businessman. If you want to be specific, you don't have to day he's in business, but what field in business he is in.
31 января 2014 г.
One thing you can be sure of is that "he works in business" is incorrect. However, you can do business or run a business.
31 января 2014 г.
Thank you very much for the previous answers:). One further question please; can I say something like " Businesspeople are people who work in the business sector/ who work in business ? Or would that be incorrect as well? The reason I'm confused is that Macmillan dictionary defines a businessperson as "somone who works in business", so I was wondering if it could be sued to give a general idea about someone's field of work (e.g. he works in teaching...etc). Thanks a lot :)
31 января 2014 г.
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