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How to remember English names? I feel bad when failing to catch others' names. But there are so many English names out there, more than a thousand possibly. How can I get familiar with them so that I could catch that next time people say it? Anyone has some advice or good website to suggest? Thanks a lot!Thanks for Jura's correction and Bob's comment! I guess I made the title of the question misleading. I actually meant I want to be able to catch others' names when they say them. Sometimes I just did not catch them and had to ask them again using 'I didn't catch your name just now'. That's kind of annoying if I do it too many times... LOL
Feb 1, 2014 12:40 AM
Answers · 3
Hi :) Here are two websites that have listed American names with their meanings. I hope this helps! ^_^
March 25, 2014
Try to link a name with a certain image in your mind.
February 1, 2014
I don't know any tips for remembering names, but just a quick note on the phrase you used - 'catching others' names'. 'to catch' something in the sense of 'hear', means what happens at the time they speak; it doesn't mean to remember or memorise. If I said 'I didn't catch your name' it would be an informal way of saying 'I didn't hear your name [when you just told me now]. In the sense you are using it would be more to correct to say 'I feel bad that I can't remember / have trouble remembering (other) people's names.'
February 1, 2014
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