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back on our feet "Do you think he's a pro?" She shook her head. "He acts like someone who's making it up as he goes." "If he didn't take the casing, someone else did. Delacorte, or one of his deputies." "We don't know that." "But we think it, don't we?" She didn't say anything for a while.We were back on our feet, looking down at the wind-blown grass. what does"but we think it" and "back on our feet" mean?
Feb 1, 2014 2:06 AM
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"but we think it" means that they believe that Delacorte or one of his deputies took the casing but they can't prove it or know 100% for sure that it happened that way. It is their opinion he(they) took it but they do not know for sure. "back on our feet" can have a couple meanings and without reading the previous paragraphs I am not sure. But here I think it means they are no longer sitting down and are up and standing or walking.
February 1, 2014
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