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Wu Ting
How would you explain ‘Preparatoria’ in the context? Mr. P. T. Cash is to come on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Mother could put a sign on her door like the bakery shop downstairs. They discuss The Boy’s Future: P. T. says the Preparatoria in September, but Mother says no, he can’t get in there. It’s supposed to be difficult, with Latin, physics, and things of that kind. What will they make of a boy who has only attended the school of Jules Verne and the Three Musketeers for five years? Her idea is a little school organized by nuns, but P. T. Cash says she is a dreamer, the Revolution did away with those when the priests fled Mexico. If they know what’s good for them, he said, those schoolteacher nuns got married. How would you explain ‘Preparatoria’ in the second passage? By the way, what does ‘them’ refer to in the last sentence? The nuns? Thanks!
Feb 2, 2014 3:00 AM
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"prepatoria" looks like the Spanish for what in English we would call a preparatory school. (related to the word 'prepare.') A usually private school which "prepares" you for university.
February 2, 2014
Wu Ting
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