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What meaning of "obliged" in this text? The King's son came to meet her, and took her by the hand and danced with her, and he refused to stand up with any one else, so that he might not be "obliged" to let go her hand; and when any one came to claim it he answered, "She is my partner."
Feb 3, 2014 4:28 AM
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The kings son would not be obligated to allow another to dance with her. An obligation is something that you must do, like a duty, or a required task. An Obligation is 'placed' on someone. They are 'obliged' to perform their 'obligation'.
February 3, 2014
An obligation is generally a requirement, something that absolutely must be done (like a legal binding). In this case, the meaning is inter-twisted with irony of the word itself (an emphasis on the word's meaning in a special way). What it means is that the son would normally have to give up the hand as a requirement if someone else approached. Since they used the word "obliged," which is a requirement, the context suggests otherwise: the character is fighting the idea of being required to do something.
February 3, 2014
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