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What does this line mean? Patrick(level designer) feels that his title does not mean very much to begin with. Agustin(Artist) feels that his title means a great deal but that he hasn't earned it. Patrick: I don't know if either of us are...very good at being who we think we are. Maybe we need to try a little harder. What does it mean 'good at being who we think we are' in this context? Thanks in advance :)
Feb 3, 2014 5:08 AM
Answers · 2
I'd say it means that they think they are level designers / artists (meaning that it is their job), but they are not performing in their job to the extent that they wish. In other words, they're not as excellent at their job as they would like to be. Or, rewording that again, they're not living up to their title (under-performing).
February 3, 2014
This means that we are a certain kind of people and we excel in being that kind of people
February 3, 2014
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