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Rather / Quite Is there any difference between "Quite" and "Rather"? thank you
Feb 4, 2014 9:56 AM
Answers · 4
Thank you so much James.
February 4, 2014
I see that you speak Spanish. They are the same, but "rather" can also be translated as "sino" in Spanish while "quite" definitely cannot mean "sino."
February 4, 2014
Thank you Liam. Has been very useful
February 4, 2014
In the following sentence they are pretty much synonyms. It's quite/rather hot. However, in the sentences below only "rather" is appropriate. I would rather stay inside. I stayed inside rather than went outside in this heat. So, while they are almost synonyms in some contexts, they are not in others. Hope that helps.
February 4, 2014
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