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겠다 vs 겁니다 What is the difference between 겠다 and 를/을 겁니다?
Feb 5, 2014 4:42 AM
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Understand my poor English : ( let me answer your question. Basically, both words have same meaning. 겁니다 is short for 것 입니다. It is not standard language actually. I recommend you to use 것 입니다. Imagine this situation, if someone ask you like this 'what are you going to do?' so whoever does you can just answer like this ex) I will play the video game. but as you already know there is honorific in Korean. When you answer your friend = 나 는 게임을 하겠다.(할것이다, when you saying 할거야) When you answer your mom and father or someone else is older than you = 저 는 게임을 할 것 입니다.(겁니다, 거예요) can you understand my explanation? I`m sorry i`m not good at English : ( If you want more information send a message to me so i will do my best to answer you.
February 5, 2014
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