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when i should use/not use 's between nouns Hi All. Usually I thought that of,'s in some places equal (for example follow phrases): - projects' list - list of projects But one person said me that these phrases not equal and added that "list of projects" actualy equal "projects list". Could somebody explain why is so, what difference in that phrases ( like order of words and with " 's " ...) and may be added when i should/ should not use " 's " in such phrases ? Thanks.
5. Feb 2014 07:37
Answers · 5
The person is correct. This is an example of why forgetting the apostrophe as much as possible is a good idea. The word "projects" in this case is a noun used as an adjective.
5. Februar 2014
the apostrophe would indicate ownership or possession. In "projects list," the word "project" describes what kind of list. If you say "projects' list," you are saying that the projects own the list. Other examples: Look at the alien spaceship! = alien describes what kind of spaceship (in other words, it's a spaceship from outer space) Look at the alien's spaceship! = alien's indicates whose spaceship... it belongs to an alien Look at the aliens' spaceship! = aliens' also indicates whose this case, it belongs to multiple aliens because the apostrophe is after the s Look at the spaceship of aliens! = this sentence means that the spaceship is full of aliens
6. Februar 2014
's = только про людей (иногда животных) но не про предметы
5. Februar 2014
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