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¿De dónde eres? VS ¿De dónde sois vosotros? I know it is like where are you from?( singular) VS where are you guys from? (plural) but i searched 'de donde sois vosotros' in goole then i found 'de donde sois vosotros?' is used only in Spain. becuase vosotros is also used only in Spain . so i thought ' de donde sois vosotros?' = where are you from?( singular) NOT where are you guys from? Anyway what i want to know is 'de donde eres?' is usually used in Spain to say ' where are you from?( singular)'
5 lut 2014 07:57
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Yes. "vosotros" is used specially in Spain, (but not only in Spain and neither "all" Spain) like 2on plural person. So, the form of the verb is "sois" Another form is "ustedes". This form can be used like "respect form" ( verb in 3rd plural person: "¿de dónde SON ustedes?") o "normal form" ("¿de dónde sois ustedes?") I hope my answer helps you to understand "our" differences....
5 lutego 2014
In Spain: -¿De dónde eres (tú)? - Singular -¿De dónde es (usted)? - Singular formal -¿De dónde sois (vosotros)? - Plural -¿De dónde son (ustedes)? - Plural formal In some places in Spain (Islas Canarias) and South America there are variations. I think that in Argentina, for example, they would say "¿De dónde sos (vos)?" And in other countries they would prefer using "usted" instead of "tú", unlike in Spain. If I'm mistaken, please somebody correct me :) Cheers.
5 lutego 2014
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