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language bar I noticed that everyone on italki has multiple language grades listed on their italki profile, typically your native language will show 5 green bars to show that you are fluent, however others will also include multiple red bars to show how fluent you are in the language that you are studying. How do you get those red bars to show up for your secondary languages? Thanks!
Feb 6, 2014 1:49 AM
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The five green bars show you are a native in that language, and that you are fluent. You can make the red bars show up by hovering over your picture in the top right corner, clicking "Edit Profile" then scrolling down to your languages. There is a little 'pencil' like icon at the bottom of the languages box, and if you click on that it should bring you to a new page where you can either add more languages or change the levels of the languages you are learning =)
February 6, 2014
you choose them in your profile
February 6, 2014
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