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what are the learning methods that do you use to learn a foreign language? Hi ..I m a student.. I study languages and I d like to improve my english! I m curious to know what methods you are using to learn and improve a foreign language.. writeeeeeeeeeeeee me :)
Feb 6, 2014 9:06 AM
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Yes and of course speaking the language as much as possible!
February 6, 2014
i use only one method --- practise every day
February 7, 2014
Practice makes perfect
February 6, 2014
Try reading books .....Movies .....esp with books read only what you enjoy ...dont waste time on subjects that you don't like :) feel free to get in touch for further details Cher! Sajan
February 6, 2014
Take it easy.Step by step.
February 6, 2014
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