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Any cultural shock in this case? One of my friends workers for an institute as an administrative officer. They offer some scholarships to PHD students across the country. One day , during the meeting of PhD students, one Hungarian boy kept telling happily about his upcoming wedding ceremony. In Chinese mindset, it's not polite if you do nothing when you are told by someone that he is getting married. This friend also wished they showed friendship within this team. So she asked the organizer for some budget. The organizer gave AUD30, with which she bought a card and a bottle of red wine. As all the team members writing something on the card, the Chinese girl found an excuse to ask him out tin order to surprise him when he came back. The Hungarian boy was excited about his own wedding until he came back and got the gift. He remained quiet and did not even say Bye to her, needless a Thank you. What was wrong. She felt lost and hurt. :(Well, I reckon there was a misunderstanding from Troy, or I did not express properly. The girl did not ask him out for a date or something. She just wanted him to leave the team for a while, so the others could write their best wishes on the card. :)
Feb 7, 2014 2:09 AM
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Might be something lost in your description (you may write it in Chinese so I can get translate and get a better idea). If she asked the boy out, as in asked if he would like to see her one-on-one, then it would sound as if she were asking a soon to be married man out for a date. That would be totally inappropriate to ask since he would not want to jeopardize his future marriage by going out with a different woman. I would be more appropriate to just give the guy a card (no need for an extra gift, but it is okay...a gift for the couple and not for the individual is acceptable). It would have been better to ask a him to attend a congratulation outing with a group, not just the one person.
February 7, 2014
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