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How your country evaluate college sports coach? I want to know the standard of ranking college coach in your country? Which factor or factors do you focus on? I wish you can give me your opinion. Thank you!
2014年2月7日 04:14
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USA Rankings: "general exercise,...rank[ing] the top coaches based on 1) their background, 2) their success, 3) their potential, 4) their age. This is not simply a ranking of who are the best coaches right now, although that's a significant part of it. It's an unscientific ranking of who you'd want to hire now to lead your program going forward.
I teach this in my presentation sessions You would want to build a Leontief Model of Weighted Averages Let each variable have a weighted average based on need of the sports climate (i.e. if the coach is being hired to improve offense, then the coach's offensive skills should get a higher weight percentage). Don't get lost in too many variables. Here are a few factors you may choose. 10 Characteristics of Coaches Ten Characteristics of Highly Successful Coaches from the US Olympic Committee Coaching Development Office. 1. Committed to individual integrity, values, and personal growth. 2. Profound thinkers who see themselves as educators, not just coaches. 3. Well-educated (formally and informally) in a liberal arts tradition. 4. Long-run commitment to their athletes and their institution. 5. Willing to experiment with new ideas. 6. Value the coach-player relationship, winning aside. 7. Understand and appreciate human nature. 8. Love their sport and work. 9. Honest and strong in character. 10. Human and therefore imperfect. (i.e. willing to admit their mistakes). Let me know if that helps.
It doesn't. The close connection between sports & universities is something quite foreign here. What has academia to do with sports?
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