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美式读音的问题 牛津词典中,KK音标标注的father的第一个元音和spot、hot、fox的元音都是[ɑ],它们在美式英语中是不是也是相同读音呢?这个音和DJ音标中的长音[ɑː]是不是相同的? 另外KK音标中的[ɔ]与DJ音标中的[ɔː]是不是完全相同的? 完全被弄糊涂了,请高人解惑,谢谢
Feb 7, 2014 8:00 AM
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Concerning the KK system, I am unfamiliar with it, as it is not used at my location. But the Oxford American dictionary does use the vowel sound [ɑ] for father, spot, hot, and fox. I am not certain which long vowel sound you mean, but the vowel sound in the word late is [eɪ] in the IPA. The symbols [ɔː] and [ɔ] represent slightly distinct vowel sounds, but it could be a distinction too slight to heed.
February 7, 2014
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