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What does the word "good" mean in this context? writing scientific papers can be very stressful even for the best writers. However talking a suitable approach can make the task manageable. All you have to keep in mind is that you are writing to communicate, not to impress I saw many students use a flowery style in their scientific papers. You need to be aware that found and what it means they are not seeking great literary merit. If you do good research and present it clearly you will satisfy the readers in scientific papers. 1)I looked the word "flowery" up and I figured out that it means "very detailed and descriptive." But I can't come up with an example of "Flowery style". Please show me an example of that. 2)If you do good research, What does the word "good" mean in this context? Thanks!!!
7 feb 2014 21:47
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1) Here is an example: When I woke up on this hot and humid morning, the sun temporarily blinded me. I had a headache so bad that I could barely stand up and walk to the kitchen for a nice, cold glass of refreshing ice water. While I was walking to the kitchen, a spider was staring at me, like it wanted to crawl on every hair follicle of my body and playfully haunt me, knowing my fear from its initial gaze upon me. I could have just said: I woke up this morning. It was hot and a spider stared at me. 2) In this case, doing good research is doing research that is satisfactory and true. From a scientific point of view, you would want to present evidence, and this would make the research good.
7 februari 2014
1. Verbose, wordy 2. Good is an overused word. It just means positive, having merit.
7 februari 2014
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