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Does this sentence make sense? A group of researchers discovered that if they gave people sentences to listen to( for example: "The hand took hold of the ball"), the same mirror neurons were triggered as when the action was actually performed (in this example, actually taking hold of a ball). My doubt is whether "as when" makes sense in the sentence above. If so, what is the use of "as when" here? Thanks.
8 févr. 2014 00:59
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Yes it does make sense and it is correct english usage. The phrase 'as when' is an infinitive which you can learn about here: In the example above - split the two ideas in two sections the same motor neurons were triggered /as when the action was actually performed Then you can see that part A is being compared to part B by the "as when" which pulls both seperate ideas together. One is the brain doing something, the other is the hand doing something.
8 février 2014
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