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I don't know what the parties mean in this context. Marketing managers take two general approaches to environmental forces: attempting to influence and change them, or accepting them as uncontrollable. Those who attempt to influence and change environmental forces adopt a more active approach. For example, if a market is blocked by some environmental constraints, they identify what is blocking a market opportunity, assess the power of the various parties involved, and develop strategies to overcome the environmental forces. O the other hand , marketing managers who view environmental forces as uncontrollable remain passive toward the environment. They adjust current marketing strategies to environmental changes. 1) the various parties involved I don't know what the parties mean in this context. 2)What is environmental forces? Please help me!! Thanks!^ ^
Feb 8, 2014 3:28 AM
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1)One of the people involved in a legal agreement or dispute can be referred to as a particular party. 2)environmental forces are the influences the environment around a particular thing has on this thing.
February 8, 2014
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