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about the phrase" make up " To express compensate for it I should make up for it OR make it up? Thank you!
Feb 8, 2014 5:53 AM
Answers · 8
Make up for it.
February 8, 2014
You can use both actually, but "make up for it" can be used by itself. If you were to use "make it up" you would say it in a sentence like "I'll make it up to you." I hope that helps a little more :D
February 8, 2014
Thank you xarmanla. But make it up is it correct?
February 8, 2014
You can compensate someone by paying them money or you could pay them as compensation. See how the forms of the word are used. You might try to make up lost time by working extra hours. You might make up the difference at a later time if you didn't have enough money at the time of a purchase. You could also make up an excuse by telling a story.
February 8, 2014
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