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What different betwen these things? Abstract from reality and withdraw from reality. Thumbing through the pages and leafing through the pages What are there synonymous for these occasions? P.S.: please, correct me if i write anything incorrect.
8 Şub 2014 10:16
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Thumbing through and leafing through pages are similar enough, but each draws a different image. When I think of someone thumbing through a book, I think of some rough swain slobbering on their thumb and then dragging it across a page in order to turn it. Both of these phrases describe looking through a book in a brisk manner, but "thumbing through" is looking without reading carefully, while leafing through, I'd say, involves a bit more care in reading and handling. Think of the phrase "all thumbs" for someone who is clumsy. Imagine you owned a very rare and very expensive book, and imagine you were showing this book to a friend: would you rather that person thumb through the book or leaf through it?
8 Şubat 2014
If you do a Google search of "abstract from reality" and read it used in context you will find that it seems to have lost all meaning entirely. However, when it is used, it is used in texts where the author is trying to sound academic while resorting to this worn out trope and/or is trying to talk about other people describing the whole by its parts at a conceptual level in a way that the quiddity (essence) of the thing is lost; it can also mean to make generalizations about the world/things/phenomena from the experience of or perception of the world/those things/phenomena. The phrase "withdraw from reality" is much grittier, a boots on the ground "you may see your grandmother do this one day" phrase, and is often used to describe someone with mental instability and his or her relationship with the world. I recluse or hermit may withdraw from society to a cave, but a psychotic may withdraw from reality to his or her own mind (a personally constructed reality which has not been validated or considered real by others' experience of it). Since the first one should be avoided and has been ground into semi-meaninglessness, I would say the major difference between these two is register and appropriacy. A doctor will not come through a pair of swinging hospital doors to inform a family that their nana is abstracting from reality, but he would put his hand on some crying girl's shoulder and warn her that the more her grandmother withdraws from reality, the less she will seem like the woman everyone once knew.
8 Şubat 2014
Oleg here
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