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Vivian Fan
The difference among "join, join in, take part in, participate in, attend, partake in, go in for".
Feb 9, 2014 2:54 AM
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'Join' is usually used for groups, such as 'join the club', 'join us at the swimming pool'. If there are a number of people inviting less people to do the same thing as them. 'Join in' is used to encourage people, such as 'have a go and join in', or 'just join in whenever you like'. 'Take part in' is a little more formal. 'You can take part in a focus group' or 'take part in your local council meeting'. It means to have a role in, like 'taking part in a play' means being on-stage. 'Participate in' is formal again. 'Participate in our survey and win £100' or 'If you participate in our contest, you could be the next big thing'. It's often used in adverts or by companies as a polite way of saying 'do this thing'. 'Attend' is a verb meaning 'to go to', as in 'I attended my lesson' or 'I attended the meeting'. It just means that you were present. 'Partake in' is a little bit old-fashioned but means basically the same as 'take part in'. 'Go in for' is an American term. I think it is mostly used to indicate a preference, such as 'I don't go in for sandwiches', or talking about sports you play; 'I go in for football'.
February 9, 2014
February 9, 2014
Vivian Fan
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