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The difference between "fluctuate" and "ebb and flow"? The sentence is: Because foreign exchange rates ebb and flow/ fluctuate, it is not always possible for exporters to know how much money they will receive from sales. The answer is fluctuate. Can you explain why?
Feb 9, 2014 6:36 AM
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"Ebb and flow" is like the action of ocean tides. They're regular and predictable. "Fluctuate" means to change slightly, but this is not predictable. Because the results are uncertain, the correct answer is "fluctuate".
February 9, 2014
Ebb and flow, and Fluctuate are interchangeable. However, fluctuate is used more for rise vs decline, whereas ebb and flow is used more for 'back and forth'
November 28, 2015
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