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What is name, surname, given name, middle name, patronymic? Does the use depend of the country? There are so many words for name: full name, given name, first name, second name, middle name, patronymic. What is the difference between them all? How is it correct in the UK and in the USA?
9 февр. 2014 г., 8:07
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Full name: Olga Ivanova Given name: Olga First name: Olga Second name: Anna MARIA Tremonti (popular in Spanish-speaking countries) Middle name: John PAUL Smith (popular in English-speaking countries) Patronymic: Ivanova Olga IVANOVNA (popular in Russian-speaking countries)
9 февраля 2014 г.
Names in the USA differ by culture. Almost all children are given a first name. It is standard practice to give the the child a last name that is the same as either the mother or the father. Up until the mid twentieth century it was almost always the father's name, now it can be the name if either parent. Children can be given zero or more middle names. I was not given one but others have many. Some have first names that are hyphenated or consist of multiple words. The Hispanic community in the USA often use dual last names though the custom is spreading to the general population. In earlier times, when a married woman changed her last name when she married, her sons often received her maiden name (her birth last name) as a middle name.
9 февраля 2014 г.
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