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the diffenerce betweet Vacation and Holiday What is the diffenerce betweet Vacation and Holiday?Please give me some examples!
9 févr. 2014 11:07
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British people call any day off with pay a "holiday." Americans call national or religious days (e.g., Christmas, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, etc.) "holidays" and call days an employer gives with pay "vacation" days. So, for example, "I'm taking a week of vacation right after the New Year's Day holiday, so I'll be off work for a total of eight days."
9 février 2014
A vacation usually implies traveling somewhere for leisure; "I am going on a vacation to Beijing this summer." A holiday usually implies a national celebration; "July 4th is a National Holiday in the USA." In late December through early January in the USA there are important cultural/religious observances, such as the Christian Advent, Christmas, Epiphany; the Bhuddist Bodhi, and the Jewish Hanukkah, and this time of year is called the "Holiday Season."
9 février 2014
Australians also call time off work with pay a holiday.
9 février 2014
If you are learning British English you would normally only use the word Holiday. Vacation is normally viewed as an American word. The word holiday is used for any break from routine- this can be time off work, or going somewhere different for a period of time where you will be relaxing and not working. As people in the UK are watching more and more US television programmes you sometimes find American words creeping into useage in the UK which can make learning English a little confusing.
9 février 2014
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