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How do you say when someone eats little in order to lose weigh? In Spanish is "estar a dieta" that means that you try to don't eat fatty food, but healthy food with more vegetables. Perhaps is "to be on diet", "to go on diet" or "to diet" but I'm not sure. Thank you!
Feb 9, 2014 12:30 PM
Answers · 8
We have a number of ways to say this: Going on a diet (usually implies reducing food intake) Eating healthily (to reduce the fat and sugars in the diet) Hope that helps :) I seem to be constantly on a diet
February 9, 2014
you can say he or sh is on diet
February 9, 2014
Thank you Peachey, I like your idiom! I think I'll use it on my text.
February 9, 2014
There's also the simile "to eat like a bird" to mean that someone eats very little. Which is kind of ironic, considering that proportionally birds eat far more per day than humans do!
February 9, 2014
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