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Inglese "cherish" come si dice in italiano ? Inglese "cherish" o " treasure " come si dice in italiano ? Questo frase come si dice in italiano ? " treasure the person around you " and " cherish the person in front of you " grazie
2014年2月9日 16:53
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The verb "to cherish" and "to treasure" can be translated as "apprezzare", "stimare" or "avere grande considerazione di" in italiano. Now I translate your sentences: "treasure the person around you" = "apprezza la persona attorno a te"; "cherish the person in front of you" = "apprezza la persona davanti a te". Note that in your sentences you don't use the present simple tense but the imperative mood. See a comparison: Present simple: io apprezzo tu apprezzi lui apprezza noi apprezziamo voi apprezzate loro apprezzano Imperative: a grammatical mood that forms commands or requests, including the giving of prohibition or permission, or any other kind of exhortation (tu) apprezza (lui) apprezzi (noi) apprezziamo (voi) apprezzate (loro) apprezzino In this case you should use (tu) (you) "apprezza", as you see in the translated sentences. (The personal pronoun is omitted when you use the imperative mood, that's why I put it in brackets).
"fare tesoro di [qualcosa]"
Apprezza le persone intorno a te e ama chi ti sta di fronte
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