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What's the meaning of this word (stint) ? Help :) I had see in a dictionary but I didn't understand well. How can I use It in a sentence ?
2014年2月9日 19:59
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a stint is a period of time applied to a persons activities. for instance, he had a stint in the army. meaning he was in the army for a while.
As a verb, "to stint" has a different meaning: to spend inadequate (not enough) time, money, or resources. Examples: "A family should try to save money, but it is not wise to stint on the children's education." (= ... it is not wise to spend less than necessary for the children's education.) // "If you want to learn a foreign language, you mustn't stint on the time you devote to learning it." (= ... you must not devote too little time to your study of the language.)
Stint means - a period of time.
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