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B. John
BSL: Where can I learn and then practise with no money? I know very little BSL, but I am very keen to learn. I could not find anyone who knows BSL that uses italki, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any way that I could find someone to teach me. And of course, how one would go about practising BSL and meeting users and other people who know the kanguage. I realy don't know where to start witht his, has anyone reading this learned BSL? Is there an available service to partner up with someone who knows BSL? I am definately not liniting this to things on the internet, any suggestions would be well recieved.
Feb 9, 2014 8:28 PM
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Hi you can go to local deaf events in your area, if your not sure where they might be you can go on or you can go where you can get involved in the community. You can also search local courses in your area on or you can do a online course with and there are a few good online dictionaries such as;,,
May 14, 2015
to learn online (although not interactively, since it's autonomous learning), check out This website allowed me to learn BSL with explanations signed in simple BSL, and if I don't understand at all, I can always switch to German Sign Language for further explanations. so this website is best to learn BSL as a foreign sign language when you already master your national sign language.
July 31, 2014
See if there are any Deaf events where you live and go to them. That's what I did and I went to a Deaf church too. The people at both places were very friendly. A local college that offers sign language classes has an event list that non-students can go to as well. Make friends with Deaf people first and then ask them to teach you BSL. My friend has a Deaf boyfriend but she didn't decide to learn sign language until after they started dating and now she's really good. Good luck! :)
March 1, 2014
B. John
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