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How can I make this sentence ? I want to make a sentence.But I don't know how to do it correctly.The sentence I want to make is composed of 2 parts.Actually I made the sentence but I am not sure it's correct. The sentence : '' I wondered when I would speak fluently '' in the sentence, it is in past tense and that's why I used ''would''.Is it right ?
Feb 10, 2014 10:52 AM
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Your sentence is grammatically correct, but I do not know if it conveys your intended meaning. A person might say, "I wonder when I will speak fluently."
February 10, 2014
When Mona was young in 1990, she often wonderED when she WOULD BE ABLE to speak French fluently. Her question was finally answered in the year 2000: in ten years' time.
February 10, 2014
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