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Is this sentence correct? The movie was so exciting that I watched it in one breath.
Feb 11, 2014 4:55 AM
Answers · 9
do not start with the
February 11, 2014
I'd have to say that the sentence is correct.. and quite beautiful.. but I've never in my life heard it before. I'm guessing you've translated an idiomatic expression from another language into English. Personally, if I wanted to capture your meaning, I might say something like "without blinking." Anyhow, if the rest of your writing is grammatically correct and coherent, I'd say you score bonus points for originality with this sentence.
February 13, 2014
Looks fine to me though I'd say in one sitting.
February 11, 2014
the is not use while conversation.. .1 What about movie? was favoulous.
February 18, 2014
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