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which is more correct Released a trial batch of metal profile or produced a trial batch of metal profiles. or how can I put it in passive voice , ex.It has been ( or had been) produced a trial of metal profiles
11 feb 2014 07:55
Answers · 3
If its in present use " it has been " & if its in past then use " it had been " I hope you find my answer is helpful :)
11 febbraio 2014
In my opinion, it would be better to say "we produced a trial batch of metal profiles". Passive voice is unsuitable in this circumstance. It is confusing and weak. Who did the action? In business, clear, forceful statements are better.
11 febbraio 2014
If you really want to use the passive voice: "A trial batch of metal profiles has been released/produced". But as Randy has said below, it may not be the best way to say it.
11 febbraio 2014
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