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when should I use; thinking on/of/about somebody? Are all this corrects?
11 февр. 2014 г., 9:20
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thinking of and thinking about are pretty much interchangeable . One might be more suitable for a situation, but the other would still fit. so, "i am thinking of an example" is more natural than "i am thinking about an example" i am thinking about going to france for my holiday. i am thinking of going to france for my holiday. both are valid Thinking about would be used more for considering something. What are you thinking about? thinking on. i can't think of anytime this is used.
11 февраля 2014 г.
THINK ABOUT - When you think ABOUT something, you consider it, you concentrate your mind on it. Examples: 1 - You look serious. What are you thinking about? 2 - Will you lend me the money? I'll think about it. THINK OF - When you think OF something, the idea comes to your mind. Examples: **He told me his name, but I can't think of it now. - The "name" cannot come into person's mind. **That's a good idea. Why didn't I think of that? - The idea did not come into person's mind. 3. We also use think OF when we ask or give an opinion. Examples: **What did you think of the movie? I didn't think much of it. THINK ON - is wrong and should never be used
12 февраля 2014 г.
Thank you very much Tom :-)
4 апреля 2014 г.
They've all got their place in English, examples would be 'I'm thinking about going to live in Spain', the usage here indicates a thought process about the possibilities involved in maybe moving to Spain. 'Thinking of you' is quite a common phrase in messages or cards sent to someone you haven't seen that day or in a little while, you could also say 'thinking about you'; there is a subtle difference here, 'thinking of you' suggests that you are regularly thinking about the other person, 'thinking about you' is a little more specific, i.e. implying something like 'I'm thinking about you, wondering how you are, if you're ok etc. etc.' You can also say 'thinking on it', but it is unusual, it's more of an idiomatic phrase, e.g. imagine you ask someone a complicated question and they go silent, you wait a while and ask them what they think - they could reply 'I'm thinking on it' (but would probably use 'about it'). 'Thinking on it' is kind of a wild west, cowboy style of speech, think of the character Tommy Lee Jones plays in 'No Country for Old Men' (if you've seen it); he's the kind of guy who might say 'I'm thinking on it'.
4 апреля 2014 г.
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