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下のなまえ?!?! Please teach me how to say 'First name' and 'Last name' in Japanese. In a drama, I've heard of "下のなまえ". In Japanese, first name is put at the last and the last name is put at first (In other words, title/family name is at first). So, if I want to ask someone, "What's your first name?" or "What's your family name?", then how would I ask this? For example: in the name 福田 麻由子, 福田 is the family name and 麻由子 is the first/original name. If I only know that her name is 麻由子 and I want to ask her "麻由子さんのFamily名前は何ですか。", then how should I ask this? I hope my question was not very confusing! ありがとうございます。
Feb 12, 2014 6:31 AM
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I would say that when you ask a Japanese person you have just met (in most circumstances) for his/her name, the person will almost always give you his/her last (family) name. お名前を伺えますでしょうか?would be a very polite way to ask for a person's name, and that person will likely automatically give you his/her last name. If you also want to know the person's given name, you can also then ask, 「フールネームを教えていただけますか?」 However, if you are a foreigner, a Japanese person just might give you his given name, just because he is aware that foreigners (particularly Americans) often do so when they first meet. Then if you want to ask for the last name, you can say 「苗字の方も教えていただけますか?」
February 12, 2014
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