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Can 伝える be used for giving things? I know that 伝える can be used when conveying something, like telling something to others. For example: "私は病気なので明日学校へ行きません、これ先生に伝えておいて"。 (I am not going to school tomorrow due to my sickness, tell this to the teacher.) [<=I made the Japanese sentence myself so please correct me if I my Japanese is wrong.] So, I want to know if something like this is possible=> "この本を兄に伝えてください" (Please give this book to by brother). [*Note: I can realize that a better way of saying is would probably be "この本を兄に渡してください", but I'm still curious about 伝える。] I hope my question was easy to understand! ありがとうございます。OOPS! One typo: "Please give this book to MY brother"....
Feb 12, 2014 7:51 AM
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Simply, 伝える means "to convey" or "to tell" like you said. この本を兄に伝えてください(please tell this book to my brother). Does it make sense? Nope :) この本について、兄に伝えてください (please tell my brother ABOUT this book) makes sense. Note: ~について=about 「これ先生に伝えておいて」 is perfect! Then what would you answer? 「うん、伝えます」 is grammatically correct but it sounds a bit unnatural. 「うん、伝えておくね」 is more natural. It's because you used おく (dictionary form), so the answer should be used おく as well. For another example, I sometimes say: 「日本語を教えるとき、私はよくジェスチャーで伝えようとします」 (I often try to convey the meaning to my students by body language when I teach Japanese).
February 12, 2014
伝える isn't used for physical things when it means 'to convey'. So, you can't say 'この本を兄に伝えてください'. You can use 伝える for physical things in these two occasions. 1.To have been passed down for generations e.g. これは、当家に代々伝わる本です。 It means this is a book passed down from generation to generation of this family. 2.To be conveyed from somewhere distant such as abroad (This meaning might focus on idea itself rather than a physical material.) e.g. これは、インドから伝わった経典です。 It means this is a sutra that was conveyed from India.
February 12, 2014
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