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What's does this mean? ' I'm feeling really mean today' Is that felling ill or feeling interesting? thank you!
12 فبراير 2014 14:52
Answers · 3 I think this can be negative meaning. I've found it in a material from internet. It's a programme about english words that are often mispronounced. one of the presenter said 'I'm feeling really mean today' and cuz they did said a lot of hard pronounced words, so I thought she could be feel ill(an exaggeration,I thought too much...)...or she feel interesting about this subject. and in the end, she's just tried to be naughty. silly me.
12 فبراير 2014
It means that person feels like doing mean things. In this case the definition of "mean" is offensive, selfish, malicious.
12 فبراير 2014
It could be that one is feeling ill. It could also mean that one is feeling in a nasty mood.
12 فبراير 2014
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