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My nail was cracked or ripped? Hi! Today, I wanted explain to my friend about my nail trouble. That was, I kept my nails too long and one of them had a crack horizontally. But, I am not sure the most common way to say my situation. Can I say both "My nail was cracked." "My nail was ripped." I said "ripped" today, and I am wondering if that sounded kind of serious (bleeding or something) though... Thanks!
2014年2月14日 08:18
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You normally hear an English speaker say things like "I have torn my nail", "I just tore my nail". I have never heard "cracked" applied to nails. I can't remember hearing the word "ripped" applied to nails. I have heard things like "I ripped my skin on a clinging vine" ( A hazard for people walking in rainforests. ! )
A "chip" is a small crack. A crack is bigger. So, you can say "I have a chipped nail.", or "I chipped my nail."
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