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Weiyang Luo
What did the man say in this video from 38:11 -38:17? From the start to"it takes away the...of the luxury." Thank you in advance.Maybe from 40:50 to 40:52 too. But as soon as you(?????),it started to go downhill a bit.
14 февр. 2014 г., 23:32
Answers · 3
It certainly was, its a luxury product, we felt like if we just stack the shelf completely one side to the other, for the bottles, it takes away the element of luxury. I am not sure about "for the bottles" it sounds like fur but that doesn't make sense. I would need to listen to what they were making and doing to know in context. But I need to take my wife out for valentines day now! ;^]
15 февраля 2014 г.
I'm curious too, since I couldn't make any sense of it. Two links for convenience: You can make links like these yourself by going to the "share" tab below the video, then checking the "start at" checkbox. Xarmania: I couldn't hear "Opened up your mouths" in the second fragment. I suppose that was what you were referring to.
15 февраля 2014 г.
Opened up your mouths -- started speaking
14 февраля 2014 г.
Weiyang Luo
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