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miss afk
What is the difference between 개과천선 and 환골탈태? I try searching in the dictionary, found that both have more or less similar meaning.. :/ Is the meaning really the same? Or it has any difference?
Feb 15, 2014 4:07 AM
Answers · 4
I think they are almost same. 개 : change 과 : fault, bad things 천 : mend, move 선 : good *in our dictionary, it means, 'mend one´s ways' 환 : change 골 : bone 탈 : take steal 태 : be pregnant oh you need to know the origin of this words. * turn over a new leaf usually, we say '개과천선' for personality and '환골탈태' appearance. just 'USUALLY' you can choose anything.
February 15, 2014
They are same in meaning.:) \^o^/
February 15, 2014
miss afk
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