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I have some questions here it depends on the time of year. Of course, in peak times, like the summer holidays, we do them every weekend. I copy this sentence from a book. "the time of year", why no 'a, or the' before 'year', "in peak times' , I think that 'time' is uncountable noun, why it is followed by an 's'?
Feb 15, 2014 8:45 AM
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I agree. If I were to edit the sentence, I would add "the" before year. The word "a" before year would not be correct. However, I looked in the dictionary and found that "time of year" is an expression meaning a season. It is OK to write it as it is written. It depends on the time of year. = It depends on the season. Time is an uncountable noun, but only when you talk about units of time such as days, hours, minutes, etc. Time can be a countable noun when it talks about something happening or occasion. Noncountable: Milk has a limited amount of time before it goes bad. (time=days, hours) Countable: Do you remember the times I went hiking and got lost? (time=occasion of getting lost)
February 15, 2014
1. Time of year - this is just a question of usage. There is no grammatical justification for it. One can also say "...the time of the year". So "It depends on the time the year" is also fine. But 'the time of a year' is not correct. 2. Peak times - here 'time' is being used to mean 'period' which is countable. So one can say "in peak times" (= "in peak periods")
February 15, 2014
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