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“快事” 和 “乐事” 有区别吗? “快事” 和 “乐事” 有区别吗?
Feb 15, 2014 7:18 PM
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"快事” is strange,i've never heard ppl say this.well it could be "quicky things " “乐事" is happy things 快乐 mean happy,but ppl cannot divede the phrase
February 15, 2014
in ancient Chinese, 快 ≈ 乐。That's why we say 快乐 nowadays. 快事 ≈ 乐事 ≈ 快乐的事(antiquated/literary > prevalent/colloquial)
February 15, 2014
It was invented by ancient chinese people,said:” there are four great “快事” in life. That is ” 久旱逢甘露, (It have long time does not rain,it looks there have not harvest in the land, suddenly, It rained ,What a pleasing thing. )他乡遇故知, (away from home, everyone does not know him. Can only depend on hisself. That time, he met the intimate from the old home, how much truth would like to talk him. )洞房花烛夜 (Only one chance in life (general, In ancient times) someone was watching his loved in the wedding night, Very sweet ah! )金榜提名时(In ancient times, things like someone was admitted to Tsinghua University, Beijing University or something, it will be full of congratulation by the neighbors. This means that he will become a senior official, how happy thing ah!) o, 快事 ≈ 乐事, It means happy things,but now we not often used "快事“
February 24, 2014
没听说过快事,可能是某些年轻中国人发明的 I haven't heard a 快事,if there is, it must be some young chinese folks who invented it
February 17, 2014
Both of the world does exist, But not often used. 快事,It's not often used in modern Chinese. But you can see it in some articles. It refers to some A person have been Punished,Which really People are Delightful with. 乐事,It's quite simple Means any happy thing.
February 17, 2014
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