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잘부탁할게요 관둘 생각까지 **(있으면??) 뭘 가려? 지금 그쪽에 인턴 부족해
Feb 15, 2014 7:36 PM
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ohohohohohoh!!! you're listening skill is very nice!!!!! the perfect sentence is - "관둘 생각까지 있으면서 뭘 가려? 지금 그 쪽에 인턴 인력 부족해." 관두다 is a sort form of 그만두다. which means 'stop' (in this sentence, 'quit the job.') 생각 is think > 관둘 생각까지 있다. : you even think you're quitting your job, 뭘 : 무엇을 what. 가려? : 가리다(in this sentence it means 고르다. 따지다.) choose. consider, sensor (I wrote many meanings because I can't find an exactly matched word. I just want you to get the hang of it) 지금 : now 그 쪽에 : there 인턴 : intern(intern worker, internship) 부족해 : 부족하다.shortage >지금 그 쪽에 인턴 부족해. : There is a shortage of intern. >> You even thought you're quitting your job..then what makes you are being picky? There is a shortage of intern worker. it's a little different but I should revise like this for fluency. Have a good day!
February 15, 2014
수정: 그쪽의 인턴 부족해
February 15, 2014
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