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KJ · 신공주 ♥
Како се каже "This is for you, even if you never hear it," на српсксом? Ово jе за тебе, иако ниси никад чуо. Is this correct? ^^;;
Feb 15, 2014 11:20 PM
Answers · 8
Ovo je za tebe, čak iako nikad nisi čuo (čula). Čuo- male, čula- female By the way you should write српском not српсксом :-)
February 17, 2014
Ово је за Тебе, иако ниси никад(а) ТО чуо. Ovo je za tebe , iako nisi nikad(a) TO čuo. A bit more correct : Ovo je za Tebe, iako za TO nisi nikad(a) čuo. Ово је за Тебе, иако за ТО ниси никад(а) чуо. Каменко
February 16, 2014
Thank you, Logan! That is exactly what I meant. ^^
April 18, 2014
If you mean this in a future tense, as in "this is for you, even though you WILL never hear it" like "I am going to record a song for you and you may never hear it, but that doesn't matter to me", than the answers you got are not correct. I would then say "this is for you, althought you will probably never hear it" so it's "Ово jе за тебе, иако то можда никада нећеш чути" or "Ovo je za tebe, iako to možda nikada nećeš čuti".
April 5, 2014
KJ · 신공주 ♥
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