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can you help me ? good morning, can you help me what is the difference between teşekkür ederim and tesekkurler and sağol sorry i don't have turkish keyboard
Feb 16, 2014 1:16 AM
Answers · 6
Teşekkür ederim: Thank you Teşekkürler: Thanks Sağol! : (interjection) Thank you
February 16, 2014
"teşekkür ederim" means "thank you", "teşekkürler" means "thanks" also "sağol" means "thanks". As you can see they all have same meaning.
April 7, 2014
Formal you must say teşekkür ederim Teşekkürler. Sağol informal but you can say each other. Same thing :))
March 25, 2014
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