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Is the concept of pupils limited to primary school students? Is the concept of pupils limited to primary school students?
Feb 16, 2014 3:52 AM
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No, pupils are students, regardless.
February 16, 2014
Hello! The above poster is correct -- a pupil is a student, at any level. However, I would like to inform you that the word "pupil" is used less than the word "student" in everyday communication. =)
February 16, 2014
I'll certainly go a long with what Randy and Samantha say. But to me I think pupil refers to being in relation to a teacher rather than your activity. For example if you are a university student and someone asks what you do you can reply 'I'm a student' but it isn't clear to answer 'I'm a pupil'. On the other hand if someone asks the same university student do they know Professor Smith they may answer 'yes, I'm one of his pupils'. For a teacher you can talk equally about them having students or pupils. Someone doing autodidactic self study is a student but not a pupil of anyone. So in this way it is probably applied to younger students more. I'm not sure if this is just a convention or because when you talk about younger students it is more important that they are under the control of a teacher than the academic activity they are doing. Not sure if I added anything you didn't know.
February 16, 2014
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