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What are some must-know aspects of Chinese daily life? Hey, everyone! Right now I'm considering teaching English in China during the summer. To boost my teaching ability and lessen my anxiety (lol), I would love to know some popular Chinese singers, TV shows, foods, etc my students could relate to? Also feel free to throw in any tips for living in China in general!! Native Chinese population - help a sista out!;) Thank you all so, so much and 谢谢!:)
Feb 16, 2014 6:19 AM
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singer 陈奕迅 周杰伦 霍尊 陈绮贞 tv shows 非诚勿扰 快乐大本营 foods Where are you going? people living in different areas love different foods.
February 16, 2014
this question is not easy to answer. first of all, popular singers, movie stars, TV shows, fashion trends, buzzwords and so on. and then, if you have some chinese friends, you can observation their behaviour, lifestyle, popular social tools and websites. after that, you can try to unsterstand some slangs, idioms of conversation between chinese people. you can improve fluent and idiomatic Chinese. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so, you should know such as:(you just need browse music or movie website and click "hotest artists, you will know the trend of popular.) singers: 邓紫棋、王力宏、周柏豪、陈奕迅、许廷铿、张敬轩、罗力威,何韵诗、吴雨霏、容祖儿、杨千嬅、薛凯琪、连诗雅、EXO-M、蔡健雅、王菲、孙燕姿、苏打绿、陈绮贞、张靓颖、逃跑计划..... movie and TV actors:刘诗诗、吴奇隆、陈道明、吴秀波、马苏、陈晓、黄晓明、余则成、冯绍峰、杨幂、孙红雷、刘德华、葛优、李冰冰、范冰冰、章子怡、周迅、赵薇、韩庚、赵又廷、佟丽娅、黄海冰、吴京、焦恩俊、周星驰、周润发、赵文卓、古巨基、林心如、蒋勤勤、陈德容、杨恭如、黎姿、邱淑珍、舒淇 ...... TV show: 我是歌手,快乐大本营,百变大咖秀,中国好歌曲,中国好声音,最强大脑,爸爸去哪儿、综艺大热门、非常完美、非诚勿扰、两天一夜。。。 too many to count
February 16, 2014
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