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how to use these words? of,for,about,to i don't know when use of,for,about,to
Feb 16, 2014 11:51 AM
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Of: the end of the day; a cup of coffee; the city of Beijing; the capital of China. For: a present for you; an English course for foreign students; a message for you. About: a book about politics; don't lie about your age; tell me something about yourself. To: a massage from me to you; I'm going to London; I want to go to London.
February 16, 2014
Last but not least, "To" "To" is used to express motion or movement toward a person, place or thing; similar to the Mandarin character (到 到北京 "To" is used to express contact Example English: Apply this medicine to your wound. a push to the ground, a punch to the face Use "To" to express a limit in time It's a quarter to six. To this day, she still does not like me. I work from nine to five.
February 20, 2014
"About" is a preposition; the word means: 1) concerning, 2) associated with, 3) near or close to Example sentences of each meaning Concerning examples: This book is about what? This book is about Chinese. Associated with examples There was a mysterious quality about her. She was all about people more than money. . Near or close to examples He lives about two houses from me. I will visit you about six o'clock. Some Mandarin words that mean "about": 差不多 正要 關於 (這是一個關於龍的故事) 對於 (對於他的工作我沒有什麼意見)
February 20, 2014
For in English is a preposition It can be used in several ways to express a reason or purpose: Use a verb, verb phrase, or noun phrase + for + reason or purpose Example sentences: She love him for his money. She exercises for her health I buy you flower for many reasons I work for money. I play for fun. Use "for" to show how one object will be used This water is for my flowers. This closet is for my shoes. This letter is for my sister to read This machine is for exercise. Use "for" to show hope or desires or wishes I hope for love. I wish for my English to improve I would do anything for a cold drink on a hot day. There are some Mandarin words that can be translated into English as "for" 為了= for the purpose or reason 為什麼 = what for or why 由於 因 因為 我因霧看不見東西 = I could not see for (because of) the fog Mandarin: 他在芝加哥住由於許多理由 English: He lived in Chicago for many reasons
February 20, 2014
of = "of" is a difficult word to explain but I will try by comparing this word "of" with some words that might exist in Mandarin. When I look up the character 的 in my Chinese to English dictionary, the first definition is the English word "of." The second definition is apostrophe 's. Example sentences: English: He is a friend of my sister. Mandarin: 他是我妹妹的朋友. Do you notice that in English, "friend of my sister" is written the opposite way than the same phrase 我妹妹的朋友 would be written in Mandarin? Now what about the second definition, apostrophe 's? Example: English: My sister's house Mandarin: 我妹妹的房子 How about using "of" to show direction ... English: South of Chicago Mandarin: 芝加哥的南邊 How about using "of" to show a person being seperated from something English: rob someone of his money Mandarin: 搶去某人的錢 Now some Mandarin phrases don't use 的 but when translated into English, "of" would be used. Example: Mandarin: 十月一日 English: 1st of October Mandarin: 絲質衣服 English: dress made of silk How about I do a seperate post for the other words, "for, about & to."
February 20, 2014
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