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can someone help me the separate the difference of two German sentences German! I just wonder if the sentence called "mir ist kalt", can be replaced by "Ich bin kalt". the first sentence is what I met in the website of memrise, and I think it is right! but I don't know if the second one if also correct. If the two sentences are both available, can somebody tell me the difference of this two ?
Feb 16, 2014 1:12 PM
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Both is possible regarding the grammar. But they have different meanings. 1) "mir ist kalt" = "ich friere" (Literally: "I'm freezing.") 2) "ich bin kalt" = My skin is cold. But that doesn't necessarily include that I'm feeling cold. 3) "ich bin kalt" = It can sometimes be an abbreviation for "ich bin gefühlskalt" (emotionally cold). In most cases, we use it to talk about other people. Not about ourselves. For example: When somebody isn't crying when something sad is happening: "Du bist so kalt!"
February 16, 2014
I'd say "Mir ist kalt" describes "how you are (feeling)" while "Ich bin kalt" describes "what you are" for example you are cold in a sense of not feeling any happyness. Or you are a cold blooded killer or maby you are dead ("Er ist kalt"-> no body temperature therfore dead)...ect.
February 16, 2014
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